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We always welcome new sites and investigators. There is no cost to participate and investigators who enroll >40 patients are included in the resulting publications. For more information please contact


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Please describe briefly your bifurcation program

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Principal Investigator

Emmanouil S. Brilakis, MD, PhD

920 East 28th Street, Suite 300

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55407

T: 612-863-3900 F: 612-863-6441

Database Managers

Judit Karacsonyi, MD
Spyridon Kostantinis, MD
Bahadir Simsek, MD
Athanasios Rempakos, MD

920 East 28th Street, Suite 610

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55407

T: 612-863-1041 F: 612-863-6441

Project Director

Bavana V. Rangan, BDS, MPH

920 East 28th Street, Suite 620

Minneapolis, MN, 55407

T: 612-863-3852 F: 612-863-6441

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